About Me: Photography


My name is Mohamad Yazid. Currently, i stay in Perlis, Malaysia.

my passionate towards taking pictures since i was kids. At that time, around i was 13-14 years old, my mum bought me a camera for my birthday present. i love that camera so much, till today, this camera can be funtional very well. btw, this camera use film to take picture. it is not digitalise. so, every snap, is very important for me.

but then, soon after i step my foot to university, i didnt take any picture, i fact, i dont have any camera. if i want to use this old-film-camera, i need to buy a film, so the intention to take picture break off because of money constraint.

when i was working at jusco, i also dont have any camera yet, as my collogue dont have one. but, soon i step my career into usm, all people around me, almost of them, do have camera, called DSLR-very expensive to have it. soon after that, i put an aim, i want to have one, cause they have it, and they love to take picture, why dont i join them to be in the group, right?

mostly, a friend of mine influence me a lot about camera, photography and picture editing, plus picture originality. cause he was my roomate last time before he got married. hehe. further more, i also join a group to take wedding photography or others event.

and, right now, after confident on my art of taking picture, i made my own:

ok la. have fun to admire/watch/anything lah.

c u soon. TQ for droping by.



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